Zack Krida

zack krida is a creative developer in providence

I'm Zack, a creative software developer in Providence, RI. I plan and develop fast, responsive web applications and sites that work on any device. I'm also deeply interested in print, particularly zines and independent publishing. You can reach me the quickest on twitter @zackkrida. For less-immediate or longer requests send me an email at


I am currently employed full-time as a software engineer at the Rhode-Island-based TTG, an agency specializing in integrated web applications and digital marketing solutions.

I work with a talented and fun team of developers and marketers, but am open to new opportunites that include the following:

  • A focus on local communities, sustainability, or other existential human needs
  • Interactive narrative experiences using JavaScript, CSS Animations, and SVG
  • The intersection of real-world experiences & software augmentation

For speaking requests, code consultation, or other services, feel free to get in touch on Twitter @zackkrida or via email. If you're really excited about something, give me a call at +401.580.9573. Thanks.