Zack Krida is remotely building software for distributed teams.

Current location: Providence, Rhode Island

me in hawaii

Hi there, I'm Zack! I'm a full-stack developer currently working on projects using TypeScript, Node.js, GraphQL, and Postgres. I got my start in web development from Neopets and Myspace. After a several year break I came back to software development and was amazed by the modern state of JavaScript.

I believe that specific tech stacks and libraries can and should be learned on the job, when a use case necessitates them, and prefer to focus on strong fundamentals and principles. I have worked with nearly all of the contemporary front-end JavaScript frameworks and enjoy them, but also stay aware of the raw browser apis and language features behind them.

I'm most excited to work on a product team of flexible size and spend my working hours deep in building out features and fixing bugs.

I have a strong history in hiring and training up Junior developers. I have managed small teams of 3-5 across time zones and locations. I'm a firm believer in hiring people for the skillset you want them to have in six months' time. Pair programming and collaborative code reviews are two of my favorite tools for working with other developers.