zack krida is rebuilding.

Today (11/28/19) I decided to burn down my perfectly fine personal website. I'm going to redesign it over the course of December for a proper 2020 launch. This is normally where I'd write a lenghty bio where I list my 3-4 main interests, but to be frank I'm not really sure how to self-identify right now.

In february of 2019 I quit my first and last "real" job as a full-time, full-stack software engineer at a marketing agency. It was an extremely difficult decision, made spontaneously at midnight over email. I had no idea how much better it would make my life.

Now, I'm freelancing and consulting on much more interesting work with kind, intelligent clients. It's the kind of work I actively enjoy with a schedule I set. I also have a couple of software projects of my own underway, centered around music & politics.

When I'm finished redeveloping this space you can expect information on those projects here.

In the meantime, if you are a small development team or individual looking for a freelance contributor, I am open to collaboration. You can reach me at to discuss.

I'm proficient in JavaScript development across the stack, with an emphasis on front-end performance and design systems. I have +5 years experience building production ready applications and component libraries.